To all who are reading this, you must be looking for a Realtor.   If so, stop, you need to look no further.  I say this from experience.  From a sellers standpoint, and a buyers.  Our first time buying a house was a nightmare and I really didn't look forward to doing it a 2nd time around.  Karen made all the difference in the world.  Not only does she take care of all the paperwork, just giving you what you need to sign.  She takes care of you, as a friend, as a client.  I really enjoyed meeting up with her to look at houses and even to do the pain in the butt paperwork.  My husband and I are somewhat easy-going and laugh at everything, but we are very picky.  Karen cut up with us and never got irritated about that not being the "right" house.  We probably looked at 15-20 houses and changed our minds about what we wanted a hundred times.  She wanted us truly to be happy.  Hands down she is the best Realtor in Clarksville.  We miss you Karen!!

--Ryan and Ramona A.